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Beef steak is the main course meal for dinner

The first night will always be 200g of beef steak.
Vegetable salad, soup, fish dishes, meat dishes, rice, will be the dessert course
We have drinks such as alcohol that go well with meals.
Free refills of coffee and tea.
Breakfast is a plate of vegetable salad, ham, Frankfurt, eggs, plus fruits.

Tambara Highlands owner himself is passionate about cooking the taste and quantity of steak so that customers who are tired of sightseeing and playing in the Tambara Highlands will be satisfied.

About dinner dishes

When I hear 200g of sirloin steak, I have the impression that it is very large, but I am confident in the taste, so
Please be assured that you can eat it from elementary school children to the elderly.If you like meat, please look forward to it.
In addition to sirloin steak, we also offer special soups using carrots and fish dishes.
Meals are a pleasure to decorate the end of the day, so we are working hard every day to satisfy everyone.
  • 【Dinner】

    Beef steak is always the main course on the first night.
    After the second night, the main dish will change.

    salad/soup/Fish dishes/Beef steak/dessert/coffee/Tea
  • 【Breakfast】

    One plate coffee and bread are free for breakfast.
    Bread is freshly baked.
  • 【Other】

    Apple juice made by an apple farmer in Kawaba Village is very popular as a recent drink.
  • 【Restaurant】

    It can be used by up to 42 people.
    After sports, hiking or sightseeing, enjoy a hearty meal.
    Please use it for group customers' parties.