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Sightseeing around

Tambara Ski Park will be the main in winter

1 minute walk from the pension.
We offer discount tickets for lift tickets.
Parking is available from the morning.You can use it after check-out until you return.
In summer, the lavender park is the main.
In addition, there are several hiking course in Tambara.
It is also fun to walk in the beech forest and walk in the Tambara Marsh, Bunadaira (beech tree grove), and Lake Tambara.
Kawayu Road Station Fukiware Falls and Kawayu Road Station are also nearby.

Information on sightseeing spots and events in the area recommended by the accommodation.

  • Tambara summer

    • Lavender Park

      In the summer when it is in full bloom, 50,000 lavender stocks are in full bloom one after another, and the plateau is crowded.
      The wind stroking the bare skin is cool and refreshing.Lavender picking in the park will also be held.
      After fully enjoying the scent of lavender, please enjoy the famous lavender soft serve ice cream.
      Also, at the shop, it was harvested in the lavender field of the park,
      A refreshing lavender beer with a moderate blend of dried flowers and lavender scents, etc.
      We have a large selection of herbal products that can only be obtained here.
      A natural relaxing space at an altitude of 1,300m.It is the largest lavender field in the Kanto.
    • Tambara Onsen (Kooze) Hiking

      "Beech Bunadaira (beech tree grove)" consisting of natural beech forest and "Tambara Marsh" called Kooze are
      Tambara Kogen Center House takes about 1 hour from the Tambara Kogen Center House.
      There are various other course such as a full-scale 5-hour round-trip course.
      The Tambara Highlands, where the highlights of nature spread everywhere,
      There are many promenades so you can easily enjoy a walk.
      Try tasting Buna no Wakimizu (spring water) delicious "Buna no Wakimizu (spring water)"!
      However, the weather in the mountains can change easily, so be sure to bring warm clothes and rain gear.
  • Tambara winter

    • Ski park

      It is a convenient access, about 2 hours from the metropolitan area.
      Abundant snow and high-quality snow from early December
      Golden Week comfortable winter scene until Golden Week.
      The rental shop has also been renewed this year, improving convenience!
      There are plenty of course even families, little children, and beginners can enjoy it with confidence!
  • Surrounding tourist attractions

    • Fukiware Falls

      Fukiware Fukiware Falls with beautiful pictures of the four seasons.
      The contrast between the red and yellow canyons and the daring waterfalls
      It will entertain the visitors enough.The best time to see the autumn leaves is from late October to mid-November.
      Please invite us to go out.

    • Numata Castle Ruins Park

      Numata Castle, which was built by Numata Clan Tenbun year of Tenbun (1532), became the residence of Sanada Clan after a period of war.
      A five-story castle tower was built by the first castle owner, Nobuyuki was proud of its majesty as a famous castle in the world.
      The park, which is beautifully maintained throughout the four seasons, is also known as a famous place for cherry blossoms.
      It remains as a castle ruin on the stone wall of the turret and a part of the moat.